It’s been a year!

It’s been a year since I wrote my last post on this blog. A year of new things that I never imagined to live. What can I say, God surprised me and I had to take a moment to enjoy it.

If you read my blog you will notice that I got married in 2012, but since that year It was our desire to have a baby. I tried 4 times, but had 4 miscarriages instead. Hard huh? When I decided not to try anymore, God said that it was the moment of my miracle to be materialized. And that’s the reason I was away from blogging since July 2017.

I enjoyed my pregnancy with some highs and lows, but I was living my dream praising and giving thanks to God all days. Had the best christmas ever and on March 28, 2018 I received my baby in my arms.

As you know I live in Puerto Rico and my island was almost destroyed by Hurricane Maria. That was another reason why I was completely disconnected from blogging. I was pregnant and living the remanents of a hurricane. But God was with us and with Him recovery was possible.

For with God nothing [is or ever] shall be impossible.” LUKE 1:37 AMP

Now, my baby is almost 6 months and I’m in love with my baby boy. Now also I am a mommy fulltime which makes very happy. Waking up every morning and looking to my baby growing up so fast that I want to stop time.

It’s been a year and now I can testify about how good is God and His wonders in my life. I just needed to believe to see His glory.

Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe [in Me], you will see the glory of God [the expression of His excellence]?”
JOHN 11:40 AMP


If God permits me I will be writing again in this blog, making some new changes, sharing my experiences, writing about God and His word. I encourage you to follow me at social media for new posts and subscribe to my blog for weekly posts that you may enjoy.

Check out the pictures that says more that 1,000 words.

In love always,


For the Woman who prays for a Child

Maybe while you read this post you are living this experience. Perhaps you have already lived the experience and you are the women who are now praying for a child. If you lived the experience or you are going through the process, I know what you are living and feeling. I am a woman who prays for a son the same as you.

For the Woman who prays for a Child

A woman may have several reasons why she can not get pregnant. It can be due to physical or genetic problems, among others. No matter the reasons, every woman who has gone through this brings with it an emotional load that is often found in the depths of her being.

Some women speak it and express it with their family or friends. Others only pray to God so that the longing of their heart is answered. There is a woman in the Bible who prayed with bitterness of spirit for a son. She was wise enough to recognize that if she prayed to God He would answer her request. Not only that, but she knew that she should leave his emotional load on the altar.

That woman is Hannah.

Hannah inspires you and me to wait patiently for God. It teaches us that we should pray and pray and pray until our request is answered by Him. If we pray we must be prepared to receive God’s response in different ways. God can heal us, God can bring life to our wombs, God can open doors and opportunities for adoption, God can do as He wants to do in our lives.

For the Woman who prays for a Child 2

If we long and patiently wait for His perfect will for us, He will surely put into our hands what we desire in His time.

My experience has been, long times of prayer and waiting, pouring out my heart, my sadness, my anguish and my yearnings on the altar with God. He alone can fill my voids, He alone can bring answers to my prayer. If you are a woman who prays for a child, surely God will answer your prayer. You will not know how, nor when but you can receive healing in your soul and your emotions in His presence.

But Hannah answered, “No, my lord, I am a woman with a despairing spirit. I have not been drinking wine or any intoxicating drink, but I have poured out my soul before the Lord….. So the woman went on her way and ate, and her face was no longer sad. (1 Samuel 1-28)

Do not give up to your prayer, do not give up to your faith, do not surrender in your dreams.  Always remember that God has plans of good for your life. Do not give up!


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