3 Ways you can use a Christmas printable

Christmas is around the corner! Yes, I know that I might be a little early this year, but hey the year is passing by really fast! – In a blink of an eye, we will be buying Christmas decorations and gifts for the family.

Jesus is always going to be the reason for season! This is how I called this beautiful bible journaling printable. Today, I want to share three ideas on how you can use it and get the best out of it!

3 ways you can use this bible journaling Christmas printable

  • Bible Journaling – Devotional Time: First thing, first! This newly added printable is intended for you to enjoy it in your devotional time. Prayer, Worship, Study of the Word and creativity with your bible.
  • To decorate the wrapping of your gifts: adding a little something to your gifts during this season can be nice. If you are like me, you will want to put something unique to your gifts.
  • Create a beautiful Christmas postcard: Postcards do not go out of style. And in the most beautiful season of the year we want to send letters to our loved ones. We can also include positive messages and send the message of salvation as well. The #snailmail is a revolution and we can be part of it decorating our envelopes or just sending some stickers or ephemera.

More tips!

  • Use this printable with card-stock or sticker paper!
  • Use this printable for Junk Journals
  • Decorate a Memory Dex Card with it!
This printable was made by hand (hand drawn)

This beautiful printable is available at His Purpose In Me Shop, where you can find more printables and accessories for your bible, planners and more!

Happy Bible Journaling Time or happy paper crafting!

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