Giving Thanks Bible Study

The fall season is one of my favorites. It’s the time that announces the coming of holidays and Christmas. Also a time to give thanks culturally. But if we read and study the word of God we can see clearly that there is no specific time to give thanks. Instead, the bible teaches us that we were created to worship and give thanks to God AT ALL TIMES.

For that reason today I’m sharing a special bible study with you. No matter the time or the circumstances we must give thanks to God for He is good always. He is faithful at all times. I want you to enjoy this bible study at your own time, space and your favorite way. Bible study must be enjoyed at every moment. Get creative, write, journal, paint, draw… do what you love while you study.

O give thanks to the Lord , for He is good; For His lovingkindness endures forever.

This is very simple. Just copy or download the image below which contains all the bible verses that will guide you in the study. I’m sure your heart will be transformed into gratitude.

Bible study GIVING THANKS at all time

I hope you enjoy it and grow in the word of God.

Tips: You can bible journal, here some additional tips: Bible Journaling ideas!

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