Bible Reading & Writing Plan – “Mourning into Dancing”

Greetings and many blessings to all my readers. After a much needed time of rest and vacations, here I share a very special plan for you.  I wanted to make a small plan to study the Bible about how God can transform our sadness into dance and joy.  I have called this study “Mourning into Dancing” because that is what God does in our lives when we decide to pursue healing and restoration in His presence.

Bible Reading and Writing Plan Mourning into Dancing

The bible says in Psalm 30:11

You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,

This is a promise that God can turn our sadness and our mourning into dancing and joy. This Bible study will take you on the way to the discovery of what God has in store for those women who have suffered in some way or another in life.

Like me, you too can live a life of joy and dance abundantly despite the circumstances that may bring sadness to your life. This is for the woman who has had lost in her life, for the woman who has been hurt, for the woman who has been abandoned, for the woman who has been marked with deep wounds and who are looking for a healing God who can transform her status and condition in a one of hope and faith.

Come and join me in this time of healing.

Bible Reading and Writing Plan Mourning into Dancing 2

Bible Reading & Writing Plan

This study is composed of three essential parts:

  • Read the word
  • Write the word
  • Pray the word

You will be able to read and study key biblical verses on healing and the change of state from sadness to joy. In the same way, I invite you to take the time to write the word every week. You can use your favorite notebook! Also, you will have the opportunity to pray the word over your life, declaring that God changes your mourning in dance.

This study is designed solely for the purpose of taking you to the feet of Jesus to receive the healing you need. In Jesus there is an abundant life of great blessings and we can only receive them when we make the firm decision to leave the past and extend our arms to receive the newness of God for us.

Take the step of faith towards your complete healing. I declare that Jehovah Rapha is manifested with power every week of your life. And that you will experience a new time and a change of clothes “oil of joy instead of an anguished spirit” in the name of Jesus. Amen!

Please, feel free to download your study guide with the bible verses for each week, a prayer for each week and beautiful print that says: “You have changed my mourning into dance”.  This guide is in PDF format and in a high printing quality for you to enjoy!

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Bible Reading and Writing Plan Mourning into Dancing 2

22 thoughts on “Bible Reading & Writing Plan – “Mourning into Dancing”

  1. This looks like an excellent resource and I have a group of friends in mind who I’m going to share it with. Thank you so much!


  2. This study is so needed! I feel like so often we hold ourselves back from the abundant life Jesus has for us simply because we don’t take ahold of the new life in Him!


  3. Hello, you are so right when you say God turns our mourning into dancing. I find it so amazing that he gives us this opportunity daily to pray with Him and know Him and I love that you said write. I journal daily with my King and he speaks to me in the pages. He fills me with so much peace as I fellowshio with Him in His word. God bless you and I pray for an amazing bibe study.


  4. Hi Tayrina. I stumbled upon this much needed Bible Reading Plan and thank God for it. I have a commen: in the first week one if the verses is Psalm 43:18, but Psalm 43 only has 5 verses. Maybe is an error? This blog is amazing. Love it!


  5. I’m a little confused about how to follow the plan. I’m in dark days of my life and I desperately need this.
    I see the first Psalm and I read it but now what do I do?


  6. I need this however the first week in Psalm 43:18….there is only 5 verses in chapter 43…can you correct this and update for us all Thanks!!!


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