The basics of Bible Journaling

The Basics of Bible Journaling

Welcome to His Purpose In Me blog! Officially I’m launching the blog today with some basics about bible journaling.  I don’t know you, but since I discovered bible journaling I feel more attracted to the word of God.  And that is good! That is the purpose after all.

Today, I want to share with you some basics and really easy ways to start your bible journaling experience.  I will show you just how I started.  Let’s see!

The Basics of Bible Journaling

1. The bible:

  • Look for a bible that works best for you.  When I started bible journaling I was just using the King James bible without margins.  I discovered that I had my bible with so many marking, drawing and notes that then, and only then, I decided to get a journaling bible with margins.  You can get your bible at, or any other christian store.

2. Let’s color:

  • Besides using a pen or pencil, you can use some color too! The basics about color is using some coloring pens or markers.  I just got recently new coloring pens (Prismacolor) and some markers too that I found at a super low price at Marshall’s! You can draw, highlight and do some lettering with them.

3. Stickers:

  • The stikcers are a great way to add some color, dimension and personality to you bible journaling.  You can express a feeling or thought just using stickers.  I love using stickers in my bible journaling.  Mostly, I use the collections of Illustrated Faith that you can find at Dayspring.

4. Use some tape:

  • Yes! you can use some tape too.  And I refer to the washi tape that comes in different sizes and patterns.  I love to use washi tape in my bible, because most of the time you can re-position them.  You can find some variety of washi tape at Etsy, Ebay and Dayspring.

There is much more about bible journaling and you can integrate other things and techniques! In the next post I will be sharing more about this.  For the moment, I know  you can start bible journaling with these basics.  Just find the perfect bible for you, add some color, use stickers and meditate in the word of God!

You can visit and follow my Pinterest board about Bible Journaling that is full with ideas that can help you start!

7 thoughts on “The basics of Bible Journaling

  1. HI Tanya,
    I found you at Grace and Truth. I too love to journal and Bible journal as well. I am learning more and more as I draw what God inspires me to draw.
    Grace and Truth


  2. Thank you for your blog. I’ve been struggling with ” time ” and using my creative gifts .. but when I hear and see others utilizing these sweet Jesus moments, it motivates me to not live in fear , wondering if I’ll fail or how I’d make it work — but to just do it !
    Today – God used you as an inspiration! Blessings to you today !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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